Administration Management:

  • Distribute covenants and bylaws to current residents upon request.*
  • Distribute minutes and notify Board members of meeting times and dates.
  • Provide a single point of contact with the Board.
  • Provide a single point of contact for homeowners’ requests, complaints, and questions.
  • Resolve all issues including common areas/amenities.
  • Assist in resolving all issues outside of existing contracts.
  • Report to Board all issues which cannot be remedied under existing contracts.
  • Assist in the election of Board members.
  • Establish and maintain database on all homeowners including names, addresses, and other contact information.
  • Analyze insurance requirements, recommend insurance protection, and obtain quotes for the Board’s review. Complete administrative processing of insurance claims.
  • Report all general correspondence between contractors, owners, residents, etc.
  • Coordinate general membership meetings.
  • Hold the records of the Association.

Covenant Management:

  • Contract with compliance coordinator for monitoring of covenant compliance.
  • Maintain database of covenant compliance violations.
  • Review egregious violations of covenants.
  • Provide monthly status report of covenant compliance process.
  • Handle all telephone responses to non-compliance letters as well as calls from residents reporting non-compliant items in their neighborhood in a timely and professional manner.
  • Provide compliance letters to attorneys and title companies upon request.

Pool/Clubhouse Management:

  • Oversee management of contractors handling pool maintenance.
  • Manage use of clubhouse, gazebo, or other pool buildings, including reservations and cleaning.
  • Maintain inventory and supplies for pool operation.